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Philip Landau- Employment Lawyer

Philip Landau  is head of the niche employment law firm Landau Law, Solicitors, which has a national reputation.

Philip and his team act for employees and senior executives, and therefore have highly specialised  experience in dealing with all matters in relation to personal improvement plans, in addition to all other employment law issues.  By using Landau Law to act for you in relation to your employment matter, you will not just have “run of the mill” lawyers on your case, but those who has many years of experience of working in this field and dealing with employers. Philip and the team at Landau Law will protect your interests at all time and have a high success rate in negotiating favourable exits with employers, whilst preserving  amicability.

If you wish to stay employed and challenge the performance process, this requires alternative measures, for which you will still require specialist employment law advice to ensure that your position is protected.

Philip has a national profile, and regularly appears as an employment expert on TV and Radio. He also writes leading articles in the media- including as an employment law expert for The Guardian. He has dealt with thousands of cases with high success rates for his clients.

Philip and the team at Landau Law can also advise on any other employment law matter.

For more information on Philip Landau and Landau Law, please click here or visit our main employment law site.

You can call Philip on 020 7100 5256.


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