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Put simply, you need a solicitor to protect your employment law rights at an early stage. Yes, you can act by yourself, but would you really know what you were doing? It is very easy to say or do the wrong thing.

If you did not say or do the right thing at the outset, you could be deemed to have “accepted” the plan, and that could make contesting it far more difficult at a later stage.

The law does give you protection in that if you are dismissed without due process or that the performance plan is unfounded or based on discrimination, you are able to make a claim, but you are best taking stock early.

It may be that a mutually agreed termination can be negotiated and there are specific tactics that should be deployed in this regard.

If your only avenue is having to make a claim in an employment tribunal, you need to build up as much ammunition as you can to support your case. You need to know now what to look out for and how to protect yourself. You need to bear in mind that if proceedings are necessary, you will not have a financial cushion before your claim is heard many months later (unless you  secure another job), and you will not have an agreed job reference. It is far better to be pro-active and address the legal issues and tactics as soon as you can.


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