How much will it cost?


Please feel free to make contact for initial free employment law advice. If your case is taken on, we can offer an agreed fixed fee, or a no win – no fee funding arrangement.

The no win – no fee option is very simple. It based on the mutual agreement of your termination of employment upon terms which we will negotiate with your employer. If we do not recover a sum that you are happy with, you do not pay us. The payment of costs is  therefore contingent on us negotiating a settlement or winning an award at tribunal and will be expressed as a percentage of actual sums received from your employer (or only additional sums where there is an existing offer). This is known as a ‘contingency fee’ form of funding.

Although not every case can be accepted on a no win -no fee basis, we will do our best to do so if we can.

The employment law team at Landau Law have a high success rate in negotiating enhanced settlements, after having collectively dealt with over 25,000 cases.


We can advise you wherever you are in the UK. We do not need to see you.

Contact Philip Landau on 020 7100 5256 or email  or send an enquiry form