About Philip Landau and Landau Law, Solicitors

Philip Landau - Employment LawyerPhilip Landau, who has been qualified for over 23 years, and our employment law team at Landau Law are known nationally as a specialist and experienced employment law solicitors.We act for employees  and senior executives  both in the City and throughout the UK, and have a very high success rate in achieving  positive outcomes for our clients.

Philip has appeared on BBC TV, ITV, Sky News, and local and national radio (including LBC and Radio 4) numerous times as an employment law expert. He has also been quoted many times in national newspapers, and writes articles on leading websites as an expert including The Guardian.  

He has further been interviewed many times by foreign media, and has appeared on international radio stations in respect of UK employment law matters. Philip also provides employment law advice to members of The Institute of Leadership and Management which is the UK’S largest management body, and has been invited to speak and be a panel member at numerous employment law conferences.

It is always daunting for an individual where they face a performance improvement plan from their employer. In some cases the plan is justified, but it can often be used unfairly as a tool by an employer to fast track you out of the business. Philip and his employment law team have significant experience in this area, and his advice relates to all available options once you are either put on a plan or are likely to face one soon. Such advice includes necessary practicalities and tactics- not just legal options.

It is not normally necessary to see you as long as you are accessible by phone and email.

A non win-no  fee funding agreements is possible in many circumstances.

Landau Law is a niche employment law firm based in the City close to Aldgate and Tower Hill tube stations with a national reputation, acting for employees throughout the UK.

Philip, and the employment law team are pleased to offer a free consultation, and can be contacted on 020 7100 5256.  You can also email, or simply fill in the enquiry form.


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