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Welcome to dedicated website from qualified solicitors, Landau Law, offering you legal advice on your Performance Improvement Plan from your employer.

Philip Landau, an experienced and specialist employment lawyer will advise you wherever you are in the UK. Philip has a national reputation in employment law and has dealt with thousands of disputes relating to performance improvement plans.

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If your employer has given you (or about to give you) a performance improvement plan (also known as a ”PIP”) then click here to contact us or call 020 7100 5256 and ask for Philip Landau. We do not need to see you as long as you are on email and the phone.

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A Performance Improvement Plan is a process instigated by your employer when they are questioning your capability at work. The PIP enables your employer to formally set out in writing the reason(s) why your work is not considered to be meeting the required standard, to set clear objectives and targets required by you, and to place a reasonable timescale for you to improve.  You are able to challenge both the objectives under the plan, and whether you should have been put on a performance process at all. Your employer may be able to rely on your performance under the plan to justify any subsequent dismissal based on your capability at work.

About Us

Philip Landau, a partner of Landau Law is a highly experienced employment lawyer, specialising in advising employees only. Philip has  a national reputation, and acted for thousands of employees in all industry sectors both in the City and throughout the UK. He has significant experience in dealing with all matters relating to a performance improvement plans and will give you candid advice on what can be done to both challenge the plan as well as the alternative options available to you.

Philip has appeared on BBC news, Sky News, ITV, local and national radio as an employment law expert. He also writes articles appearing on leading websites, including  The Guardian (as their employment law expert) and Reuters and is quoted by ACAS. Philip and his employment law team are pleased to offer you a free initial consultation. In many cases, no win- no fee is available.

Philip Landau - Employment Lawyer

Philip Landau – Employment Lawyer

If your employer has given you (or about to give you) a performance improvement plan click here now to make contact by e-mail or simply call 020 7100 5256 and ask for Philip Landau.



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